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We seek to provide designs and services which are specific to our Clients’ needs – We do not practice with an in-house design style – it is our method of working which distinguishes us. Our flexible approach ensures that projects are tailored to identified budgets and goals, affording the Client as much or as little participation in the design process as they wish.


We acknowledge that the Construction Industry is complex and multi disciplinary, and aim to evolve design concepts which are PORTABLE and INTELLIGIBLE to the various professionals forming the Design/Construction Team. Each have tangible contributions to make to the Project, which will serve to enhance and enrich the final product.


Each new design challenge is fully researched as part of our standard project development. Riva Architects have always sought to attract as wide a range of projects as possible; never relying upon a formulaic approach. Prior to addressing technical difficulties, we seek to ‘design-out’ the problem. Good Design should seek to embrace all these considerations.


Only by having good command of the wide range of technologies which are available to our industry, can we hope to produce buildings of contemporary relevance. This is a demanding challenge we embrace with each project – we constantly seek the APPROPRIATE technology.


Sustainability – the leitmotif of our generation. This is an all-pervasive concept that should never be merely restricted to concerns of energy consumption. We strive to produce buildings which are considered, and responsible to the environment as a whole. We now have in-house specialisation in this regard. 


Design excellence can only be delivered through focussed and responsive management. This often requires imagination and clear leadership. Riva Architects seek to respond to these challenges.

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