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Originally working as a sole practitioner in 1993, Carlo Riva established Riva Architects in 2002. The studio has now expanded and benefits from both the creativity of architectural/design members and the knowledge and practicality of technical members. Through our Continued Professional Development commitments we are continually becoming more qualified – most of the Studio are either members of the Royal Institute of British Architects or the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.


Riva Architects are able to offer all core architectural services from the first inception of a project through to final handover of the completed building. We take pride in arriving at site-specific solutions which are appropriate to Jersey.


Our in-house training programmes ensure we are able to offer up to date advice in a working environment which is fast paced and ever-changing. We have the management ability and experience to successfully act as Lead Consultant, ensuring that we always LISTEN and RESPOND to all influences in the Design and Construction process.


Riva Architects consciously seeks to attract ALL forms of architectural design challenges, approaching each in a manner which balances thorough research and a fresh approach to all projects.


Riva Architects have always sought to attract a wide range of project types. Whether we are involved with a small sleeping birth extension to a Hut on the Les Écréhous reef or a complex, multi-million pound restructuring development across several phased sites, we always apply the same CARE and ATTENTION to detail. We are able to quickly assimilate the technicalities of new building projects and can constructively work with out of Island design team members when necessary. Environmental and sustainability concerns continue to pervade the everyday workplace – architects continue to trail blaze in this regard. Our Senior Associate has recently obtained a Master's Degree in Sustainability and Adaptation.

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