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Riva Architects are passionately committed to seeing their architectural design concepts through to the interior environment of their building. Interiors complete the conceptual vision envisaged by the architecture they give functionality to the space to tailor it to the specific requirements of the brief or user. They can also energise the architecture and take it to another level. Too often is an exciting space let down by a lacklustre or unimaginative interior design.


Whether we are commissioned to create these integrated spaces ourselves or in collaboration with interior designers, we feel it imperative to co-ordinate the architectural themes throughout. As with all our collaborative projects, it is imperative to evolve a robust design concept which is transferable to the various constituent disciplines of the project. None more so than the interior environment.


The projects where we have designed the interiors have varied from both commercial and residential environments. We do not however get involved with soft furnishings, preferring to work with others in such instances.

Internal image taken from Villa Capri, St. Martin, Jersey. Riva Architects
Cottage Farm, Riva Architects
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