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Within the Zone of Outstanding Character (now the Coastal National Park) planning consent was granted to demolish the existing hotel, which had ceased trading several years previously, and construct two large dwellings. Beauport Place was the larger of the two properties. As part of the design research for this project, we carried out an archive search of historic developments in the area. The results determined the character of both units, thus making a link with the architectural history of the site. 


Externally Beauport Place retains the features of a classically proportioned colonial-styled house, internally however its design has a fresher more contemporary theme which befits the world class site. Conceived as a four-storey dwelling, the property continues its further evolution as the semi-basement floor is converted into an indoor swimming pool. This later phase was exceedingly complex in its execution, however it has successfully seen the implementation of cutting edge air source heat pump technology.


A subsequent phase of works has seen the introduction of a basement garage and turntable.

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