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the palms HOUSES



The redevelopment of the former Bergerac Hotel was split into 3 distinct phases: 1) Conversion and refurbishment of existing 24 self-catering units to become 1-bed flats. Demolition of Hotel to make way for: 2) 12 No 1-bed flats over a two storey block and 3) 5 No 4-bed houses and double garages. This project refers to the third and final phase.


This exclusive row of 5 houses marks the summit of the picturesque bay of Portelet – from the outset, this development had to be something special. To maximise views, the three-storey dwellings were conceived as upside down houses, with the master bedroom suite located within the top storey. The spatial theme of a sculpted two-storey high space, a concept which was evolved in a previous phase of this extended project, is re-interpreted in this Phase, as the living area is conceived as a dramatic three-dimensional space. 


The specification throughout the properties is high and is typified by the walnut spiral stair tower, which is again a feature reminiscent of the Phase 2 block of flats. Each of the units has been designed with a specific uniqueness which helps add novelty and rhythm to this ribbon of buildings. The visual playfulness of the roof shapes is appropriate to the maritime setting. The sense of community is increased by the introduction of a gated entrance drive.

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